Susan Mifsud

Susan Mifsud

Susan Mifsud has been a successful Human Resources professional in post-secondary education for over 25 years.  She also lives with mental illness and believes that while life’s challenges can be difficult, you can experience silver lining transformations by choosing to create meaning and purpose from adversity.


One thought on “About

  1. Wendy Muir says:

    Hi, Susan! Hope you’re having a wonderful trip. Just finished catching up on your blog…sounds great so far!
    A couple of comments:
    I, too, did not find Melville to be my cup of tea…iI’m impressed that you made it all the way through…I couldn’t.
    I also can no longer give blood, although I used to do so regularly. My low thyroid condition now precludes me from donating. It is disappointing but I will try to encourage others to do so.
    Your spiritual retreat sounds amazing…I can’t imagine you needing uplifting – you always seem so positive, cheeeful and upbeat.
    Enjoy your trip and return safely. It would be nice to get together for lunch again to see pictures and gear stories. Touch base when you get back.



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