#6 At a Snail’s Pace

After the physicality of my last adventure walking around the Isle of Wight, I decided that Feat #6 needed to be just a little slower – in fact, you might say, at a snail’s pace.  Growing up in a home where exotic cuisine meant adding paprika to the top of the deviled eggs, my hesitation to try “different” foods was ingrained in me early. So, when I was developing my list of novel experiences, I decided there had to be at least Escargotone eating-related adventure.

Thanks to my good friend Liz, I discovered the location for my feat once again in my own backyard: Paris Crepes Café (http://www.pariscrepescafe.com/) on Queen Street in Niagara Falls.  I was also excited to extend my alliteration this time to include Feats with Friends and Family as my older son joined in the fun along with Liz, Les, and Lee-Anne (you can see how this group was meant to be, can’t you?).

While the feat involved my first taste of escargot, the experience was so much more. The bistro was amazing – the décor was charming, and we were greeted by the lovely Manager Starr who was also our server for our lunchtime adventure. She was a complete delight, immediately catching on to the silliness of our group experience and easily joining us on the journey.

There was much Eating escargotlaughter and fun (apologies to the other diners there for a quiet lunch) and, yes, I ordered their Escargot Bouguignons En Croute (puff pastry crusted snails in garlic butter). They were almost too beautiful to eat, but we shared the snails among us. Even my son, whose culinary upbringing was not dissimilar to my own with regard to exotic choices, joined in.

My verdict: the snail itself wasn’t what dazzled my taste buds – I suspect that is the point of all the garlic butter and pastry. We enjoyed the rest of our meal (French onion soup, delicious crepes), watched Les mourn the disappearance of his much-too-small Crème Brule and I enjoyed French press coffee, all the while chatting, laughing, and simply having the best time together.

As the only patrons left as the mid-day closing time approached, we had the opportunity to chat more with Starr, learning about her return to school for veterinary training, her love of cats, and current foster kittens; photos and stories were exchanged and enjoyed (even my dog-lover heart melted at the pictures of her tiny feline treasures).

I definitely declare Feat #6 a rousing success. Akin to the snails, made extra special by the accompanying ingredients in their dish, this feat was fabulous because of my surroundings: a beautiful sunny afternoon in a lovely café with good friends and family sharing laughter and a meal.  Honestly, who could ask for more?

Next up: Time for a makeup makeover.

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