#11 What’s in the Cards for Me?

I have never been to a psychic or had my palm, tea leaves, or cards read, but I have always been curious about the experience. My intrigue was fueled by watching episodes of The KreskinAmazing Kreskin as a child, and my Mom’s uncanny ability to guess the “secret square” on Hollywood Squares more often than could be explained by chance.

When I mentioned my interest to my sons, the younger, Mr. Science, rolled his eyes and pointed to the million dollar reward offered for anyone who could prove paranormal, supernatural, or occult powers that had remained unclaimed for more than 20 years. My older son, while skeptical, was willing to accompany me on my psychic adventure, albeit only when lured with the promise of lunch following the reading.  I didn’t know any psychics, so I again used the internet to find a local seer.  My search brought me to Jewelee (askjewelee.com) who has been a psychic medium for over 25 years, and owns a new age shop in Niagara Falls from which she does readings, when not on the road at conventions and expos.

I originally intended my psychic adventure to take place a week earlier, but discovered Jewelee was in demand, requiring me to book more than a week in advance. The anticipation made the feat all the more fun.  Jewelee’s shop is in a little house on Victoria Avenue in Niagara Falls. We met her at the door and I liked her immediately – she had a welcoming smile and a down-to-earth style. As we got ready for the reading, she returned to the counter to give her rescue parrot some sunflower seeds to keep him occupied, noting that he was prone to swearing when feeling anxious. I felt an immediate kinship to him.

We decided to explore relationships, work, health, and finances in the session. While I won’t reveal all of the specifics of her reading, I can say that she suggested I would find engaging employment in the next 6 months, that I would not move house for at least the next 9 months, and I would not have financial or health problems for the foreseeable future.

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She also did a quick read for my son. In this case she talked about his career aspirations, suggesting that he was on the right track, but approaching it from the wrong angle. They discussed his ideas (he is creating table top gaming) and that he is trying to “leap to the top” when his success will come from keeping it small and introducing it locally. He actually appreciated the new direction, whether psychically channeled or not.

Jewelee also read cards for my younger son, observing that he had high expectations for himself, and warning me to watch that he wasn’t too hard on himself if he didn’t reach his ideal. Ha, Mr. Science, she read you well!

In the end, I don’t know if Jewelee had psychic abilities, but, regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. And my older son walked away feeling a sense of renewal with respect to his gaming design work that no amount of advice or support from his mother could have provided. As for me, a little positive reinforcement as I look for full-time employment for the first time in 27 years, whatever its source, is more than welcome. All in all, I would say that was a feat well accomplished.

Next up: It is another one of those spontaneous weeks where I am confident that the feat will reveal itself to me in due course.

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