#25 Meet the New Boss

As this is the mid-point of my 50 Fabulous Feats, I thought a long time about what this week’s activity would be.  I have been interviewed for a couple of positions recently, and wondered if this blog might announce the beginning of my next career direction. It turns out that, while I wasn’t the successful candidate for any of the positions for which I was being considered, this posting is still all about revealing my new path.

Over the last year and a half, I have been able to be self-directed through the course of completing my Master’s studies.  Throughout my graduate work, I completed course papers, internships, and directed studies.  I organized my priorities, managed my time, and created materials based upon research and my own creativity.  I rekindled my passion for learning and loved the ability to consider the bigger picture, then break down the project to its component parts. I felt privileged to be able to focus on mental health and addiction education and advocacy for many of my assignments. I loved the fact that my workplace alternated between the library and my very own dining room table.

Looking back over this time, I realized that at least one answer to my job search was to continue in this same direction. Instead of looking outwards, I can spend some time working on my own business, setting up my own consulting business, with particular focus on Human Resources solutions and mental health education, thereby merging the skills from my “old life” with the capacitiesconsulting picture I have developed in my “new life.”

I know that I am in the very early stages of fulfilling this dream.  I will need to learn the ropes including everything from developing my business plan, to understanding the legal requirements, to determining marketing strategies. Every consultant I have talked to so far has been quick to tell me two things: they love being their own boss and it is incredibly hard work to be self-employed.  I know that it will be a challenge, but when I think back over the last few years, I realize that I have a pretty good track record with overcoming obstacles and turning trials into triumphs.

I welcome all insights, suggestions, words of wisdom, and cautionary tales from those who have already walked this career pathway.  In February of last year, I began SilverLiningFrog.com; I can’t wait to see what it will look like a year from now: the sky is the limit!


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