Book smm (2)It has been a number of months since my last SilverLiningFrog post and I knew this morning when I drew the Spider as my daily Animal Spirit card that it was time to return.  The Spider suggested that I should “trust the creative spark” I was feeling and “express it through writing stories that inspire and enlighten.”  I started this blog for those very reasons – to be able to share my own experiences, struggles, and triumphs so that others could recognize their own abilities to live well, with or without mental illness.

It has been more than three years since I started SilverLiningFrog and it is sometimes hard to believe all of the amazing changes that I have experienced since then.  I have been privileged in the opportunities I have been given including gaining employment in my “encore” career in mental health and completing my master’s degree in education as a mature (really very mature) student.

I have also been grateful to be able to share my adventures with all of you through my 50 Fabulous Feats @ 50 positive psychology experiment, both vicariously through my blogs, and often in person through my “feats with friends.”  I have been honoured by the encouraging feedback and observations that I have received during this journey.

During my SPARK training with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, I was encouraged to expand my scope of possibilities for 50 Feats by my fellow participants.  How might I encourage others to take up positive psychology practices and benefit from the evidence-based research that such habits can impact health and wellbeing? I was inspired to expand my dreams for my project and I cannot tell you all how proud I am to now announce that I have taken my little positive psychology experiment to the next level.  It is with giddy elation that I announce the publishing of my book: My Year of Practicing Positive Psychology – 50 Fabulous Feats @ 50 .

In my introduction to the book, I described my lifelong love of writing, and the equally enduring anxiety that often prevented me from sharing my compositions because they were, in my mind, “not good enough.”  While this book is very much a “vanity project” for me, I also know that it also represents an ability to appreciate my own worth, to practice self-compassion, and, hopefully, to inspire others who may struggle to embrace their own dreams.

It is profound that the publication of my book coincides with yet another life change.  At the beginning of June, I will be transitioning to a new position at Niagara Region Mental Health.  After two beautiful years as the Recovery (Peer) Support Worker for the Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) in Thorold, I will be taking up the position of Mental Health Worker with the Welland ACT team.  While I am sad to be leaving the incredible colleagues and participants in ACTT-1, I am excited to be meeting and working with those individuals who are members and clients of ACTT-2.  The most wonderful part of this change is that, while the role will be slightly different, my lived experience with mental illness will continue to inform the work and connections I make.

Yesterday the first copy of my book arrived at my door.  I excitedly ran downstairs and showed by younger son that I had my very own ISBN!  To his credit, he showed support and excitement for me despite this accomplishment not being one to which he aspired.

I hope that the adventures and the ten “Pillars of Positivity” outlined in 50 Feats will act as a catalyst for others to progress towards their own best selves.  I look forward to your thoughts, ideas, feats completed and envisioned.  Let’s make it a new year of Practicing Positive Psychology together.

If you would like a copy of My Year of Practicing Positive Psychology: 50 Fabulous Feats @50, please go to amazon.ca

Wishing you wellness, Susan





  1. Janet E Creery says:

    Hey Susan, that’s really inspiring, congratulations! Would be interesting to talk to you about your experience some time. I was in the same SPARK training as you a couple of years ago, remember you from then.


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