Susan Oct 2017 2Today is my birthday: I am 53 years young.  As I look back over the last few years, I am both astonished and humbled by all the wonderful changes I have experienced: a new career in mental health, a completed M.Ed., a book, to name but a few.  It has been a full three years since I committed to my Positive Psychology experiment of 50 Fabulous Feats @ 50. The people, places, and things I encountered during this adventure were unfathomable when I started, yet are now an integral to the person I have become.

During the transformation of my Feats into a book, I had the pleasure of reliving my experiences; with its publication, I have seen it through the eyes of my readers who have provided feedback, words of encouragement and a commitment to embarking on their own positive psychology adventures. I have also realized that I miss the intentionality of engaging in a novel experience related to the ten “Pillars of Wellness” that blogging weekly provided.

The writing of SilverLiningFrog.com has been the most beautiful of opportunities for me; to be able to take those posts and create a book has been beyond my wildest dreams. My motivation for both remains unchanged: to illustrate how positive psychology practices can make a profound impact on one’s mental health and wellbeing and, thereby, encourage others to give themselves the gift of positivity.  I am newly empassioned to both continue my journey and to support others to discover their own positive adventures.

These practices are within everyone’s reach:  Practicing Gratitude; Cultivating Optimism; Practicing Acts of Kindness; Nurturing Social Relationships; Developing Coping Strategies; Savouring Life’s Joys; Committing to Your Goals; Taking Care of Your Body (Physical), Mind (Mindfulness) and Soul (Spiritualism).  As I discovered during my “experiment,” there are many free opportunities in your own backyard to build those “pillars.”  It is my hope that you will join me over the next year as I highlight one of area of practice each month and share evidence-base best practices, personal experiences, and opportunities to engage in your own “Fabulous Feats.”

I believe we can become part of a Positive Psychology movement that enhances not only ourselves, but the communities in which we live.  Margaret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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My book is also available through Balboa Press:  My Year of Practicing Positive Psychology: 50 Fabulous Feats @ 50 

Cover_m.gifAs Susan Mifsud approached her fiftieth birthday, she realized her life was far from what she had anticipated. After twenty-six years of working in human resources and many more living with depression and anxiety, Susan found herself unemployed and seeking a new direction. She embraced “the upside of life’s transformations” and took the opportunity to embark on a master’s program with emphasis on mental health and wellness. She also decided not just to read about the advantages of positive psychology, but launched her own personal experiment. She focused on evidence-based research that suggests novel, intentional activities can positively impact mood and engaged in a series of firsts that were informed by her own challenges with mental illness. Susan chose a new activity connected to one of her ten “pillars of wellness” and shared her fifty fabulous feats through her blog site, SilverLiningFrog.com. This book chronicles her adventures and gives readers the tools and motivation to embark on their own feats.


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